Sun City Tanz

Sun City Tanz Is Back In Amarillo Under New Ownership
Come See What A Difference Tanning Local Makes!

Josh and Kayla Beecher, the owners of Sun City Tanz, were destined to be together. They were both born and raised in Dalhart and although they went to high school at the same time, they never met. Kayla graduated with Josh’s brother, Josh’s mom and dad grew up with Kayla’s dad and Josh’s uncle was in Kayla’s parents wedding...and yet they still never met.

After high school, Josh Beecher went to a technical training college in Wyoming called WyoTech where he received training for auto body collision repair and restoration with extra classes focusing on business training. After college Josh returned to Dalhart and worked with his dad at his diesel mechanic shop, Dalhart Diesel. On a whim Josh moved to Amarillo and rented a house owned by Dale Reeves (who was also from Dalhart), owner of Dale’s Pickup Accessories, who happened to need someone in his shop. Josh became the head painter at Dale’s and continued to work at Dale’s for several years.

Kayla graduated a few years later and went on to attend business school at WTAMU. Kayla and Josh finally met through a mutual friend at the Sud and Sounds Country Music Festival in Nazareth in 2009. Josh and Kayla were married the summer before she graduated in 2010 at the top of her department with a degree in Business Management. The two decided to move back to Dalhart after her graduation. It was a decision that felt right and soon after they found out they were expecting their first baby so it was nice to be back home with family and friends.

Once they settled back in Dalhart, Josh opened his own auto body shop within his dad’s diesel shop. Now the Beechers are blessed with three beautiful children all carrying the “K” tradition of Kayla’s family. There’s Kreed 6, Kaydence 3 1/2 and Karsyn 2. Kayla has stayed home to raise their babies and had a few jobs such as selling Mary Kay and proofreading data for a publishing company. Once her children all moved past infancy, Kayla was ready to put her business degree to work.

Sun City Tanz was an Amarillo favorite with several locations in the early 2000’s. The current location for Sun City was the last to be sold by the previous owner. Within those 5 years, the tanning salon was opened and closed and changed names several times. The Beechers noticed a post on Facebook wanting someone to take over the tanning salon location. This sparked Josh and Kayla’s interest in re-opening the location as the original Sun City Tanz.

While contemplating taking over the salon Kayla spoke with her best friend of 13 years, Christina Miller who lives in Amarillo. Kayla told Christina the only way she would consider taking on the salon was if she came on as her Manager to have someone she trusted by her side. Kayla came to Amarillo to run a 10K so they decided to check out the location and within a week they owned a new tanning salon. Josh and Kayla signed the papers on their new business January 27, 2018 and opened their doors to the new Sun City Tanz February 23, 2018.

Sun City Tanz has a total of 8 beds with 4 different levels of lay down beds available and 1 stand up bed that is a level 3. Customers are able to buy packages or individual tans with no fees, contracts or EFT drafting requirement. They also have spray tans available that are performed by a staff member which gives you a personalized tanning experience with tips and tricks to get the best life out of your spray tan. Sun City also has spray tan package available  and requires an appointment with 24 hour notice so a sprayer will be made available.

Kayla has done alot of research and has worked closely with their wholesale distributor to learn all the ins and outs of tanning, spray tanning and the variety of different lotions and products available. Some of the brands of lotions they currently carry are Designer Skin, California Tan, Swedish Beauty, Australian Gold, Emerald Bay and J-Wow. There are several different types of lotions such as natural intensifiers to jump start your tanning process, bronzers, DHA develops over time and reacts to your skin, tingle lotions that micro circulate and help oxygen flow through your body to bring melanin to the surface of your skin, there are also all natural lotions that are hypo-allergenic and there are even cooling lotions to cool off after tanning. Other products include the ones to exfoliate and extend your spray tan, lip balms, tattoo sticks to protect your tattoos while you tan, tan extenders to moisturize and hydrate your skin to extend the life of your tan, SwirlyDo hair ties, and cosmetic bronzers.

Several things set Sun City Tanz apart from other tanning salons such as their vast knowledge of the tanning process and what can be done to extend and protect your tan. Kayla and the Sun City staff also provide personal service and attention to detail. Kayla noted, “I feel we’re very personal with our clients. We make it a point to get to know them, know their names and their likes and dislikes.” As we spoke with Kayla, she had clients come in and she asked them about their kids or their upcoming vacation. They provide hygiene products, deodorant and body spray and offer you a water each time after you tan. It’s also an added bonus that clients are not tied down by fees, contracts and draft requirements. And not to mention, they are locally owned so more money goes back into our community by buying the water for clients, cleaning products and much more here locally.

Kayla and the staff at Sun City Tanz would love to help you with all of your tanning needs or answer any questions you may have about tanning or what all they offer. So take the time to step in to Sun City to check out their beds, lotions, the packages and see what a difference tanning local makes!


Josh and Kayla Beecher: Owners
Christina Miller: Manager
1900 S.E. 34th Ave., Suite 150
Amarillo, TX 79118