Progress MD

Lydia Marsh Believes The Way To Succeed In Business
Is To Be Honest and Be a Good Person

Lydia Marsh, the owner of Progress MD, had attended massage therapy school and always knew she wanted to work in a holistic field of sorts. While working as the manager of 575 Pizzeria, she was having several tattoos removed from Amarillo Tattoo Removal Clinic. She was fascinated with the laser process and decided she would offer to buy out the clinic. She moved the clinic, which was located by American Vengeance Tattoo, to a new location on Enterprise on September 1, 2014 and renamed it Progress Tattoo Removal.

Medical aesthetics (med spas) have grown to over $5 billion this year and projected to be $8-9 billion in 2018. With the industry

growing so massively and quickly, the state has not set in proper regulations. It was shocking to find out that in the state of Texas, everything outside of laser hair removal, including injections, are not regulated in terms of training requirements. Meaning, people don’t have to be trained or required to attend continuing education to administer injections or even do laser resurfacing on your face, they only have to be signed in under a physician. According to Lydia, a clinic not owned by a physician has more requirements and guidelines they have to follow.

Lydia had paid to have a representative of a laser she had purchased come to Amarillo to train her. After 3 months, she realized the training and laser settings he had given her were not producing the results she wanted and weren’t working in a real life setting. So she spend a year on 4 levels of laser training with the Texas Laser Institute in Dallas.

After alot of drama of taking over an existing clinic from the previous owner and a difficult pregnancy, Lydia and her husband Burke were contemplating whether to close or carry on and expand. It was a “go big or go home” situation. Even after having a rough year, Lydia said, “I couldn’t imagine not doing it, I love it. I wanted to be that one person in this weird little industry that people could say ‘she didn’t lie to me’ and people were counting on me.” Chris Rhynehart, the owner of several commercial properties in Town Square and friend of Birke and Lydia, offered them a gorgeous new space in his growing Town Square Village. 

With a larger space, Lydia decided to bring in a team of ladies to help expand her services.

So in May of 2017, they moved into what has become Progress MD. They have since added added a physician, Dr. Meenakshi Dieguez MD, twp nurse practitioners, Alecia Litchfield APRN, FNP-C and Kevin Fleming APRN, FNP-C, a bilingual hair removal technician, a cosmetologist, an aesthetician, and a massage therapist. Tabatha Seymore, once a patient and now a Progress team member, describes their work environment as a great group of ladies who communicate well and are encouraged to focus on what they are passionate about. Every member of their team brings not only experience, but a variety of skills and a love for what they do.

Looking to the future, Lydia is wanting to be able to offer hormone therapy, nutritional counseling and supplements because they believe aging starts from within and want to be able to treat the patients as a whole.

The new location has a warm and inviting feeling and the ladies strive to create a genuine relationship with every person that comes through their doors. The team is so excited to be able to offer an amazing selection of services at affordable prices in what Lydia calls “a sexy spa” location. Progress MD is now a fully integrated med spa and offers a range of services from facials, Botox, massages, general skin concerns, and even a full spectrum of laser skin treatments. A full list of available treatments can be found on their website at


Lydia Marsh: Owner
5461 McKenna Suite 104
Amarillo, TX 79119