Amarillo Candle Company

Taking The “Science” Behind Candle Making and
Creating A Unique Experience

Yvonne Chaney of Amarillo Candle Company has gotten to live her entrepreneurial dream through hard work, faith and the support of her husband Don. Yvonne was the single mother of two daughters and a son when she married her husband Don in September 2009. Previously having worked for Baker Bros. as the General Manager and then Jason’s Deli as the Catering Manager for 6 years, Don asked Yvonne what her dream/hobby was. Working 14-16 hours a day didn’t leave much time for a “hobby” but Yvonne had always thought of making candles. Yvonne describes her husband as a man who likes to “fix problems”, so Don bought her a candle making “kit”. For 6 years Yvonne worked a full time job, made candles in her kitchen and constantly participated in craft shows all over the Panhandle. Word got around about her candles and people began leaving empty jars and containers on her porch for her to fill with wax.

Yvonne researched, studied and practiced her candle making craft and it took 3 years to perfect her candle “formula”. Through trial and error, she pinpointed the best type of wax, the best wick size and perfect ratio of wax to scent. Yvonne’s candles are made with soy wax from soy beans, not paraffin, making her wax 100% biodegradable. Her youngest daughter had over reactive airways as a toddler, which was a cross between asthma and allergies,  so she was allergic to the chemicals in alot of candles. So besides a wax hardener, Amarillo Candle’s candles are all natural with no added chemicals such as whitening powder, UV inhibitor, color stabilizer and vybar, which enhances dye colors and fragrance and prevents bubbles. Yvonne’s candles are produced in their natural state. Yvonne knows which wicks to put in different containers so the wax will melt evenly or only down the middle to protect a family heirloom.

One of Yvonne and Don’s bonding rituals is their love of hunting. In September 2014, Yvonne was denied requested time off for a preplanned hunting trip so after working full time at Jason’s Deli and building a successful candle business in her kitchen, she decided it was time to take the leap to full time business owner. Don likes to say “my wife quit her job to go hunting”. Their current location on 6th Street, East of Georgia, was found and remodeled. Don built all of the shelves and Yvonne stocked them with candles, melt tabs and room sprays to officially open Amarillo Candle Company on May 22, 2015.

Today, Amarillo Candle Company has over 150 fragrances. Your favorite holiday and seasonal scents can be created all year long. Some of the most popular fragrances are “Cowgirl”, which is a leather/vanilla combination, “Blueberry Cobbler”, “Butt Naked”, which has a tropical scent and “White Nectarine & Pink Coral”. All of these scents are also available in melt tabs, room and car sprays and toiletry sprays. A full list of scents can be found on their website at

The most amazing aspect about Amarillo Candle Company is their “custom hand pouring”. Not only can you buy a 12 oz. or 21 oz. candle from them and bring the jar back to be refilled at a fraction of the cost, they can fill just about any container you present to them. A Crown Royal bottle, grandma’s candy jar, a souvenir glass, all for only 60¢ per liquid ounce. Fill your container with water and pour the water in a measuring cup to determine your fluid ounces. 

Amarillo Candle Company’s growth in the last two years has been amazing. Not only can you visit Yvonne and her new apprentice, her eldest daughter Bethani, at their location on 6th Street, you can order online at her website. Amarillo Candle Company is also carried at 10 local retail locations in Amarillo; CB Boutique, Project 9, Good and Healthy Cafe, Caketopia, and in Claude, Canyon, Sanford, Pampa, Hereford and Tulia. The future direction of Amarillo Candle Company will include a line of bath and body products. Yvonne is currently working on new formulas for bath bombs and bubble bars. She is hoping to expand her store and be able to provide half candles and existing scent products and the other half as bath and body products which can be made with her massive variety of scents.

Yvonne has mastered the science of candle making and Amarillo Candle Company is more than a candle company, it is a unique experience provided with amazing customer service. You won’t find another candle retailer who can take a custom piece you bring in, create and pour a custom scent in any color you want. 


Yvonne Chaney: Owner

2300 SW 6th Ave. A2