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Wildflower Blooms Photography

I’m Shae Young, owner of Wildflower Blooms Photography. I take great care to highlight the real– the beautiful truths– of love, family, and life as we know it. As a wildflower does with an inexplicable ease and grace, as sure as the sun may shine, I hope to inspire those around me to Bloom Wherever You Are, no matter your circumstances. Not everything is flowers and sunshine, but there is beauty to be found. Through my photography, I aim to offer this view to all of my clients as I capture their unique beauty, whatever stage in life they might be, by pressing pause on the moment before it has passed, all the while encouraging hope, love, and faith–even if it’s only the size of a mustard seed. I would love the opportunity to show you what that looks like through your very own session.

::.Lifestyle Photography + Storytelling + Family + Babies + Children + Portraiture + Wedding and Engagements + Events.::